The Transmob story

The Transmob story Your new furniture transport partner since 1976

In 1976, German furniture manufacturers were looking for a delivery partner with a reliable distribution network in France, capable of delivering to furniture retailers and with a proven expertise in handling customs formalities.

The company’s founders seized the opportunity, and Trans'mob was born.

1976 Company founded
partenariat transporteur meuble
45 Employees
2 Sites
15 Partners across Europe
Logistique Croissy Beaubourg
8000 m2 logistical surface area
4.000.000 number of km travelled each year
0.03% incident rate

In order to respond to the demand from German exporters, and to facilitate the necessary customs procedures, Trans’mob set up a base in Germany and, thanks to this proximity, rapidly became the leading transporter of kitchens and home furnishings from Germany to France.

The company’s founders already had considerable experience in the removals sector, and in order to consolidate their distribution network they soon acquired another company specialising in furniture transportation. They soon earned a reputation for professionalism and reliability, with quality transport services, specialist equipment and trained personnel.

When the removal of customs barriers made the free circulation of goods the new norm, Trans'mob transferred its HQ to Rosheim, moving into specially-designed premises on a site with direct access to the motorway.

This new geographical positioning made the company ideally placed to handle goods coming in from Eastern Europe, expanding its portfolio of professional transportation services to cover home furnishings, kitchens, assembled furniture, bathrooms, cupboards and flat-pack products.

Trans’mob continued to diversify its range of products and services, while also specialising in the transportation of office furniture, including installation and assembly services for industrial clients. In 2007, the current directors decided to open a new chapter in the company’s development.

They invested in new technology to anticipate the demands of the market and meet the requirements of clients, with a new ex-works service from European factories.

In 2007, the current directors decided to open a new chapter in the company’s development. They invested in new technology to anticipate the demands of the market and meet the requirements of clients, with a new and expanded range of services. 

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  • 1976 Creation of Trans’mob, with a depot in Offenburg, Baden-Württemberg, and company HQ in Strasbourg
  • 2003Trans’mob moves from Germany to Rosheim, a hub connecting several major road routes.
  • 2009 Launch of the online delivery information service.
  • 2010 Introduction of electronic document management (shipping orders, delivery forms etc.).
  • 2012 Digitization and electronic delivery of documents, including order forms, via EDI.
  • 2013 • Greater traceability of deliveries thanks to GPS tracking of our fleet. Launch of the office furniture network.
  • 2015 Launch of the B2C service.
  • 2016 • Launch of the dedicated B2B kitchen delivery service, direct from factory to client. New logistical services (warehousing, stock management, trade fairs and events)
  • 2017 Warehouses equipped with WIFI. New service for shipping containers
  • 2018 Reporting of useful information in real time: Trans’mob rolls out PDAs for all drivers and freight partners
    Trans’mob Paris, formerly based at Roissy, moves to Croissy Beaubourg.

Croissy Beaubourg

Trans'mob's international logistical platform at Croissy Beaubourg, dedicated to :

  • reception, storage and delivery (by appointment) of kitchens to end customers
  • office furniture logistics
  • centralisation of multiple products destined for the same client
  • site services
  • reception and delivery of furniture to individual customers
  • hub services for international B2B furniture deliveries
livraison spécialisée en France

Activities currently in development

Over the past 5 years, Transmob has continued to expand its expertise to encompass new fields and new services, meeting the exacting standards and deadlines expected from today's delivery providers.

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